Hofnar Senoritas Brazil Cigars

Hofnar Senoritas Brazil Cigars

Upon opening a pack of Hofnar Senoritas Brazil cigars I am met with a wonderful aroma that has hints of spice and even a touch of dark cocoa. These cigars are well made with a consistent density throughout the cigar. They are just over 10cm long with a ring gauge of 12.5mm.

Before lighting, when I first taste a Hofnar Senoritas Brazil cigar I get a beautiful spicy note that has an almost salty sensation and, at times reminded me of a high quality jerky! Upon lighting, the flavours come out beautifully with hints of spice but now with a little sweetness. These cigars burn beautifully and leave a long, straight ash throughout the smoke.

The tobaccos used comes from Sumatra, Java and Brazil and produce a very satisfying and mild smoke. The room note is fantastic, as I have a good friend who also smokes Hofnar Senoritas and I have received compliments about the aroma from those around me.

These cigars never get bitter and I can smoke all the way down and still retain that beautifully spicy taste with hints of sweetness. The price is also very good; in fact I have smoked more expensive cigars that have not given me this much flavour and satisfaction.

One evening, I went for a walk and stopped at a local watering hole and had a single shot of a beautiful whisky that had honey overtones. A Hofnar Senorita complimented the whisky beautifully with its dark cocoa and spicy undertones and yet these cigars are also mild enough to smoke in the morning with a espresso.

You cannot beat Hofnar Senoritas Brasil cigars, for the experience one has is one of a more costly cigar but without the price and yet you have all the flavour and satisfaction one could wish for. Hofnar Senoritas are now definitely in my smoking rotation when I feel like a change from the pipe.

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