Haytor Cut Plug

Haytor Cut Plug

Haytor Cut Plug is from our loose tobacco range and is a strong, scented tobacco composed of burley and Virginias. Mine has been stored in a Kilner jar for a few months and upon opening you get a wonderful incense like scent but also a very dark molasses note. This is similar to Brown Scented Flake but Haytor Cut Plug is not as flowery; although it is definitely stronger.

It comes a little moist, but still smokable straight from the bag and rubs out easily. The taste through the pipe stem before lighting is of perfume and incense, which is an acquired taste but one that I happen to enjoy very much. Again, this is not as flowery as Brown Scented Flake and I find Haytor Cut Plug to be darker and more like incense.

Lighting is no problem and this tobacco stays lit with no problems at all. Haytor Cut Plug definitely has more nicotine which I can feel quite early on in the smoke. The underlying tobacco is also darker than the brown Scented Flake and comes across as more ‘meaty’ and strong. With Haytor Cut Plug the incense like top note does not overpower the tobacco, it balances nicely with the tobacco itself.

I will say that Haytor Cut Plug ghosts a pipe, so I would recommend a dedicated pipe if you like this tobacco. I smoked it in a falcon so that I could swap bowls afterwards. I definitely detected remnants of Haytor Cut Plug though when I used that same bowl for a different tobacco.

Haytor Cut Plug is a unique and strong tobacco that is almost exotic in its flavours. If you like a strong and savoury aromatic that is full of spice and incense qualities then I would recommend Haytor Cut Plug.

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