Brown Scented Flake

Gawith, Hoggarth Brown Scented Flake

Brown Scented Flake from Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. is a highly scented flake of burley and Virginia with flavourings of licorice, maple and tonquin bean. The flakes are easy to rub out and, for me, I seem to get more flavour when they are rubbed out rather than the ‘fold and stuff’ method.

This is sold as a loose tobacco and has been stored for a few months in a Kilner jar. The scent from the jar is a beautiful rose/Turkish delight scent that is wonderful to experience. When I fill the bowl and draw before lighting the taste is exactly the same as the aroma: a taste of Turkish delight and reminiscent of rose flavoured desserts.

Lighting is easy and Brown Scented Flake burns to a fine white ash with no relights necessary. The flavour on lighting is not as sweet as the tin note. It now takes on a floral, almost incense flavour that is fascinating. This is a classic Lakeland tobacco and one of the most floral I have tried. Even though the flavours are often described as ‘soapy’ it is in fact a flavour of incense, flowers and perfume. It sounds odd, but in fact Brown Scented Flake is a delightful tobacco.

The taste stays consistent throughout the smoke and never becomes bitter. I find Brown Scented Flake to be medium in nicotine, and the nicotine hits me later on in the bowl. This was smoked in a Falcon so that I could swap bowls afterwards. I am sure that this tobacco would ghost a pipe, so I would recommend not using a favorite pipe unless you really like this tobacco. The taste in the mouth of flowers and incense lingered for quite some time, which fortunately, I love.

Overall this is a highly aromatic and very interesting tobacco. The room note is also of flowers and incense, almost like a potpourri and that is also how Brown Scented Flake tastes. In fact one could spend quite some time over this tobacco to discern all the flavourings that it has to offer,

I am a big fan of rose flavoured tobaccos and deserts so Brown Scented Flake is a nice tobacco for me. It reminds me of cafes in the Middle East where would sit for hours with a flavoured hookah drinking dark, sweet coffee. Brown Scented Flake has to be tried for the experience.

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