Davidoff Scottish Mixture

Davidoff Scottish Mixture

When I first open a tin of Davidoff Scottish Mixture I am greeted with a beautiful aroma of raisins, gingerbread, fruit, spice and panatone. It is a very pleasant introduction to this ready rub pipe tobacco.

Packing and lighting is easy and just needed gentle tamping to keep it going. The room note is pleasantly sweet with a subtle liquor top-note. I would say that this tobacco is perhaps not as complex as the Mac Baren Scottish Mixture and not quite as spicy but I can taste the liquor topping which does remind me of a simple malt whisky. I would also say that Davidoff Scottish Mixture feels like it has more nicotine than the Mac Baren.

The topping does fade as you smoke this blend and you are then left with the tobacco itself which yields a little sweetness but not the syrupy sweetness of other aromatics.

This is not a complex smoke so is a good tobacco to have when reading or perhaps studying and does make for a good after dinner tobacco with black coffee. I do taste a little of the Virginias present but I feel the burly more at the back of my throat. Later on I experience the Virginias with a little sweetness. Oriental/Turkish tobacco is included but this seems to be way in the background and I wonder if I would notice a difference if they were there or not.

Davidoff Scottish Mixture never gets bitter and smokes to a fine white ash and overall is a satisfying and relaxing smoke with a good room note. In fact this is a good indoor tobacco where you can slowly sip and savour the flavours. As I say, this is not a complex tobacco but is still enjoyable enough and the initial topping is rather satisfying.

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