Grousemoor is a classic aromatic pipe tobacco from Samuel Gawith. This Virginia tobacco is of Zimbabwe leaf and has a great tin note. The scent is technically lemongrass, but for me I am also reminded of stewed fruit pudding with apricots; this is one of the best tin notes out there.

The ribbon cut makes for an easy pack and is easy to light and with a good moisture balance so I have never had problems lighting this tobacco or keeping it going. This particular batch has been stored in a Kilner jar for a few months and the scent is just as intoxicating as when I first opened the tin.

Grousemoor is an intriguing tobacco for it tastes just like the scent from the tin, and this even transfers to the room note. It has a subtle sweetness like stewed apricots with a tangy lemongrass effect. The flavour also lasts well as you continue to smoke down the bowl.

This is definitely an aromatic pipe tobacco and one that has received many a positive comment from the the scent of the smoke. It can bite the tongue a little if you puff hard and fast, so go slow to truly enjoy the flavour.

I also get that classic floral note behind the apricot and lemongrass. This is the Lakeland flavour that reminds one of earl grey tea, perfume and incense. I personally love this Lakeland taste, which is hard to describe so must be experienced first hand; the Lakeland note is present but does not overpower.

Grousemoor is a legendary tobacco and can often polarize views, as can all Lakeland style tobaccos. If you have never had Grousemoor then you must try it, for it is one of the most unique pipe tobaccos available.

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