Germains Plum Cake Mixture

Germains Plum Cake Mixture

Germain’s Plum Cake Mixture is a Virginia based mixture with added black tobacco special formulated from air-cured tobacco. The tin note is of light tobacco with a subtle hint of cake and spice. This tobacco also has a back-note of orange and a touch of clove.

The shag cut is quite fine and makes for easy filling and lighting. It can pack tight if you over pack it or tamp too hard, so with this tobacco I pack it a little loose to begin with. This tobacco did benefit from a little drying time before the first smoke and stored well in a Kilner jar, still tasting good after a few months.

From the beginning you can tell that Germain’s Plum Cake Mixture is light in strength so you can concentrate on slowly sipping and enjoying the flavours. Even though the flavouring is technically plum, I do not actually get a plum flavour from this tobacco. Instead, I get a flavouring of spice bread, and even gingerbread. Sipping slowly does reveal more flavour and I suspect that this tobacco could bite if you go too fast.

As I continue with the bowl a hint of vanilla comes through and a tangy fruit taste in the background that reminds me a little of white wine. The flavorings blend together nicely with no strong flavour overpowering the others and the sweetness never gets syrupy as it can do with some aromatics. This tobacco burns evenly down to a very fine, white ash and leaves little moisture behind.

Germain’s Plum Cake Mixture is definitely a light smoke in taste as well as nicotine and does well on chilly mornings with a black coffee.

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