Erinmore Mixture

Erinmore Mixture

Erinmore Mixture is a blend of fine Virginias and black Cavendish. It is a nicely presented ribbon cut tobacco with just the right moisture content and makes for easy packing. Upon opening, the tin note reminds me of raisin bread and a little of a sweet, malt loaf. Lighting is easy and this mixture stays lit throughout the smoke and with good tamping technique it needs little if any relights.

The first sense I get with Erinmore Mixture is Panatone, that wonderfully sweet Italian loaf that is great with coffee. It has a light, bready taste with a sweet topping that gets a little citrusy and tangy and at times even reminded me a little of bubble gum. Erinmore Mixture does not have a clawing or syrupy sweetness, the taste is rather clean and light. I find it not as sweet as Erinmore Flake, which at times reminded me of Juicy Fruit gum!

This is definitely an aromatic pipe tobacco and the room note often received compliments from passersby when I would smoke this mixture in the open air. Erinmore Mixture also burns slowly, especially if it is sipped which is the best way to experience the true flavour of this mixture.

Even though there is the classic pineapple logo on the tin, I never get any pineapple taste. It can get a little fruity though, similar to Peterson’s University Flake, but Erinmore Mixture is definitely lighter in nicotine. I also frequently get a nice taste of sweet bread as suggested by the tin note similar to a lovely raisin bread or currant bun or even a mild ginger bread.

Overall this is a very relaxing and satisfying, sweet and light tobacco, with no tongue bite and can be smoked all day or at any time of the day. Erinmore Mixture goes beautifully with a black coffee or an early grey tea and has a room note that will also please the public.

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