Davidoff Red Mixture

Davidoff Red Mixture

Upon opening a tin of Davidoff Red Mixture I am greeted with a wonderful aroma of spice cake and caramel. There is also a subtle dark fig-note behind the scent, but the overwhelming experience is of luxurious, fresh-baked cake.

If you are an aromatic fan, then Davidoff Red Mixture will delight. It contains quality Virginias and sweet, black Cavendish with a wonderful caramel and vanilla topping. This tobacco is a mixture of cuts but is ribbon based, nicely presented and is easy to pack and quick to light. The moisture content is perfect fresh from the tin. Once lit, Davidoff Red Mixture stays lit and with a decent tamping technique it needs no relighting.

My first pipe smoking experience was with aromatics and a classic black cherry Cavendish. However, these tobaccos always smelt a lot better than they tasted; they were great for room-note but not so much for the palate. Davidoff Red Mixture is different. It actually tastes like it smells – sweet, caramelly and with touches of vanilla. In fact, I prefer this tobacco mixture over Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Flake. The topping with Davidoff Red Mixture doesn’t overpower the base tobacco, so there is a darker sweetness coming through from the Virginias which adds the spice to the wonderful bakery experience! The room note is also wonderfully sweet and fragrant.

Another thing about aromatic pipe tobaccos is that they can scorch the tongue as they can burn very hot if you smoke too fast. Maybe because I am now used to sipping straight Virginias, but with Davidoff Red Mixture I get no tongue bite or tongue scorching. It is also light on nicotine, which is a preference of mine.

I must admit, I do prefer straight Virginia tobacco these days but when I fancy something sweeter with a good room note and no tongue bite, Davidoff Red Mixture is one tobacco I take time to enjoy. It makes for a great desert tobacco after a spicy or heavy meal and goes marvelously with black coffee;


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