Rattrays Hal O The Wynd

Rattray’s Hal O’ The Wynd

Rattray’s Hal O’ The Wynd is another fine Virginia/Perique (VaPer) combination that has beautiful tin notes of sweet fig with slight sour and tangy undertones reminiscent of apricot and stewed fruit. There is also a hint of prune.

This pipe tobacco is a little moist from the tin so may need a little drying time, but not too much. In fact, I smoked this straight from opening and had only a few relights. The cut is a nice ready rubbed cut that is easy to pack.

Hal O’ The Wynd is definitely not as sweet as Old Gowrie and has a bit more perique for my taste. I don’t get as much perique as I did with Peterson’s Irish Oak, but you really do get that peppery taste from Hal O’ The Wynd more so than with Old Gowrie or Marlin Flake. The Virginias have a very satisfying bread-like quality that has a deeper sweetness than say a Cavendish; the taste is truly delightful. Of the three Rattray’s VaPers I did find Hal O’ The Wynd to be the strongest in taste as well as in nicotine.

I did experience the perique in this blend at the back of my throat as well as on the tongue. The aftertaste was also predominantly perique. Hal O’ The Wynd does remind me of Irish Oak in some ways but Hal O’ The Wynd has more depth for my personal taste, more deeper sweetness and the perique is not as overpowering.

If you like a stronger tobacco with more pepper than definitely try Hal O’ The Wynd.

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